Indoor football is officially back in Columbus, and the Wild Dogs are on the hunt, ready to pounce on all Rattlers, Bucks, Panthers, and any other prey lurking in the IFL.

With a pack mentality, wild dogs are among the wild’s most ferocious and efficient hunters. Our Wild Dogs have already set their sights on the 2022 inaugural season and have begun circling the IFL with the intent of unleashing a furious attack at just the right time.

As you learn more about these sacred beasts of the wild, the connection to the IFL’s newest franchise will become clear. In the wild, Wild Dogs live and die for their family. The pack is led by alpha dogs. They spend their days on the prowl and work best as a team. They are social and intelligent and have diverse tastes. When on the hunt they have extremely high success rates and use a coordinated attack to bring down much larger prey.

So whether it’s gazelles or antelopes, Barnstormers or Shock, whether it’s in the savanna or scrublands or the artificial turf in Tucson,targeted prey rarely escape a hungry pack of WILD DOGS!




The African Wild Dogs can bring down prey five-times their size by working as a team. The pack is vicious, with each open jaw sporting 42 teeth and an extreme bite force that disembowels its kill.



One of the most unique helmets in all of football, the Columbus Wild Dogs helmet promotes the pack mentality of the species. As each player dons his helmet, the steely, angry eyes of the Wild Dog transforms him into a predator, circling his prey on the field. And when the linemen take their stance, those athletes enter attack mode, imposing fear on the other side of the ball as the Wild Dogs get set to pounce.



The primary home uniform includes a black jersey that features the outsized vicious-looking secondary icon on each shoulder, its jaw open wide and ready to attack. The pants include side panels with the trademark Wild Dogs mottled coat pattern.
The primary road uniforms take a step further with the mottled coat pattern dominantly displayed on the entire pants. The pattern can also be seen on the shoulders of each player. While the jersey is a bit more tame, the fierce helmet makes no mistake about the intentions of this visiting team.


The Columbus Wild Dogs are owned by local Columbus businessman Steve Germain and his family — his wife Kim and their children Jessica, Austin, and Zach. The Steve Germain Family has been committed to the indoor football game for many years, as part-owners and presenting sponsors of the Arena Football League’s Columbus Destroyers. No strangers to professional sports and entertainment, the Steve Germain Family has also owned stakes in NASCAR teams and has been involved in naming rights of arenas and entertainment venues.

Since 2010, Germain Motor Company has been named the Best Auto Dealer by readers of 614 Magazine. Germain is also listed on the Wards e-Dealer Top 100 list, which ranks dealerships across the entire U.S. based on total internet sales volume for both new and used vehicles. Germain is the only dealership group in Columbus to receive top honors. Steve Germain is regarded as a leader within the automotive business as well as in the community and has served on many industry and civic boards including the Toyota Dealer Advertising Association, the Toyota Dealer Advisory Council, the local Cadillac Marketing Association, the Ohio Automotive Dealers Association, the Columbus Auto Dealers Association, the Bexley Education Foundation, the Columbus Zoo Association board, and the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Foundation, to name a few.


Following an extensive process to determine the best name for Columbus’ newest professional sports team, the IFL’s Columbus franchise revealed  that it will be called the Columbus Wild Dogs.

IFL FOR 2022

The Indoor Football League (IFL) is proud to announce the addition and partnership of the league’s newest member to be based in Columbus, OH starting in 2021.


Be one of the first Wild Dogs season ticket holders by reserving your seat for the inaugural 2022 season.


Learn about the exciting partnership opportunities we have available to connect your brand with our team and community.


The Columbus Wild Dogs will call Nationwide Arena home, joining the Columbus Blue Jackets in one of the country’s most exciting venues. Nationwide Arena and the Arena District was formerly home to the Columbus Destroyers, with Central Ohio fans helping to make it a great atmosphere for indoor football. We expect to Run Wild in Nationwide and once again make it the best homefield advantage in the league.


The Columbus Wild Dogs understand that part of its responsibility to Columbus is to be a great partner in serving the community. As families and businesses all over Central Ohio struggle from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want our fans and the local businesses and organizations to know that the Wild Dogs ARE HERE TO HELP in any we can be of service.


If you are planning a community outreach initiative or are aware of a situation where we can help, please let us know by emailing We can’t wait to present our inaugural home opener in Nationwide Arena in 2022. Until that happens, we hope everyone remains safe and healthy and looks out for our fellow neighbors.

Columbus Wild Dogs
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Columbus, OH 43215

Phone: 614.826.7120

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